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Fully Managed IT Services Vs Ad-Hoc/Block Hours - Part Two

In the previous article, we explored the existing IT support plans for most businesses - Ad-Hoc/ Block Hours. We also explored the fact that technology is now the main driver for business success in the modern world, and that it is integral you utilise it to its full potential at all times. We highlighted the fact that Ad-Hoc/Block Hours are no good for a progressive business that is looking to grow and excel, because the future of your organisation relies on the quality of the IT support you have. So, let’s explore fully Managed IT services and see the positives it can have on your organisation.

Fully Managed IT services

Regardless of your technical prowess, Managed IT services can make your job much easier, allowing you the time and stress-free mindset to concentrate on the things that matter most to you. Managed IT services give you a level of dedication and expertise that you simply don’t get from an Ad-Hoc plan. The benefits of using a Managed IT service provider will take the stress of day-to-day tasks away, giving you the opportunity to concentrate your energy on the projects that will benefit your organisation in the long term.

The benefits of using a Managed IT service provider


IT system investment can be an expensive task. Managed IT service providers make it more manageable with no surprise added expenditure – hardware breakdowns, maintenance, and repairs are usually incorporated into your agreed price, meaning they won’t cost the world when problems inevitably do occur.

No need for an in-house team

This doesn’t support our argument against Ad-Hoc plans but it is a very big benefit of managed IT services. Having an in-house team can cost you a lot of money (in monthly salaries, insurance, an office space for them to work in, plus the upkeep and fees on that space) - all of this, combined with the time it takes to train that staff team to the ways you want to work and to gain familiarity with the existing systems, all make for an expensive part of your organisation. Managed IT systems irradicate these costs completely and replace them with an easy – relatively tiny – monthly fee.

Reduced response times

The modern world of business doesn’t allow for Downtime - if you experience it there is a chance you may never recover. To avoid Downtime, it is necessary to work in conjunction with a provider whose operating hours mimic yours – the right provider will be available no matter the circumstances, primed and ready to help.


With a managed service provider you are employing a team that is already equipped with the knowledge of your industry, expertise, training, and necessary qualifications to get the job done right. This experience and expertise will launch your business into the future with the latest technology as vital tools in your arson – giving you the best chance of beating the competition and succeeding going forward.

A proactive approach

I know we previously said most are lying when they claim to be ‘proactive’ but some actually are. The experts we just spoke about will get to know you, your team, and your systems, they will work out a strategy for your organisation going forward and use new up and coming technologies to make it a possibility. On the other hand, you will also have proactive solutions to potential problems with the system, they will constantly be monitoring for any issues – and due to their expertise and familiarity with the system will be able to find a fix before the issue causes business-defining problems.

Compliance support

This point reiterates what we said earlier. The right provider will know your organisation and therefore the industry in which it resides – they will be familiar with the compliance obligations that you have and prepare your IT accordingly.

Reduce the risk to your organisation

All of the above highlights one key fact about managed IT providers that Ad-Hoc simply cannot compete with – preparation. The right provider is prepared for compliance changes, new tech that may be beneficial to you and your team, and the future landscape of IT - and market conditions as whole in your sector, meaning that whatever the world throws at your systems your dedicated team are likely to be prepared.

We can’t bad mouth Ad-Hoc too much, because it did do a job for a while – but, unfortunately, now a newer, modern approach to IT services has entered the frame there is no competition.

The operational needs of organisations all over the globe have changed, the need for an IT system that is managed by an expert team, that is capable, but also offers value for money has never been more apparent. An Ad-Hoc provider simply doesn’t offer any of those things, it isn’t financially, or operationally viable for a growing business, and after all isn’t that what all of us want?

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