Businesses regularly use the internet or the cloud to complete its services and store sensitive files and information. It is important to acquire reliable and secure IT protection that is both comprehensive and cost effective. AsiaCloud 360° view on security effectively protect your business against the new cyber attacks and threats.

360° SMB Cyber Defence

Device Protection 

End-point Protection

Devices come in all shapes and sizes. Implementing the right End-point protection is critical to safe guard your servers and devices from Internet threats and against viruses and malware. As businesses becomes open to the concept of BYOD, having a strong End-point protection solution sets you in the right direction towards comprehensive cyber security strategy.

Parameter Defence 

Managed UTM (Unified Threat Management)

Secure your business parameter and network with an integrated next-generation firewall platform that combines traditional firewall with advance network device filtering functionalities such as intrusion prevention system, TLS/SSL encryption and website filtering.

Access Management 

Managed IAM (Internet Access Management)

Improve user experience & work efficiency by blocking illegal endpoints, reducing bandwidth consumption, guarding intellectual property rights, protecting against malware and implementing Internet access policies.

Remote Access


SSL VPN provides SSL VPN remote-access connectivity from almost any Internet-enabled location using a web browser or an application that natively supports SSL encryption. This allows your Company to extend access to its secure enterprise network and a broad range of enterprise web resources and web-enabled applications

Managed SOC (Security Operations Center) Services

A SOC at the heart of an organization can defend businesses against advanced cyber attacks. However, many organisations struggle to implement their SOC ambitions and often faced with challenges such as identifying suitably skilled resources to provide 24×7 coverage and leveraging on the most effective technologies for advanced threat detection and reporting metrics.


AsiaCloud Managed SOC service has been designed to overcome these challenges through the use of advanced monitoring technologies that  provide your business with greater threat detection capabilities, integrated threat intelligence, security monitoring, incident response and security analytics competencies.


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