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HP LaserJet Enterprise: For the effective enterprise

The LaserJet Enterprise range of printers has been designed for businesses and working professionals. These printers are efficient in their power and resource consumption. They are highly productive in terms of their printing output. Like other HP products, these printers too will help your business in maximizing the value created for shareholders, customers and other stakeholders.


HP Color Laser Jet Enterprise Flow MFP M880z

  • This is the most sophisticated printer currently available in the market. It is suitable for those businesses that have printing as one of their top priority activities. It is very suitable for printing businesses. The printer has been priced in the premium range because of its many unique capabilities and features

  • The HP EveryPage feature automatically edits errors in scanned documents or texts that go through this printer. Errors in your printed work will get reduced because of this feature. It also has a very unique Microsoft SharePoint feature. One can share the documents to be printed with this printer from another computing device or mobile device without having to send emails. The SharePoint feature also makes this printer very compatible with Microsoft’s cloud solutions.

  • Another unique feature of HP Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP M880z is that it comes with a keyboard. This keyboard enables a user to directly create content on this printer and get it printed. The very large touch-screen makes it very convenient to operate this printer. Scanning through this printer can be done at a much faster pace than other printers because of the unique optical character recognition feature

  • This printer comes with HP Web Jetadmin software installed in it. This software enables this printer to manage a network of printers connected to it. It has ePrint feature that enables remote printing of documents sent from your computing devices or smartphones to this printer. The ePrint and the SharePoint feature in this printer increase the effectiveness of collaboration between your work teams.

  • It has auto-on/auto-off capability. It automatically switches on when you are working on it and automatically switches off when you are not working. This minimizes the power consumption of this printer and saves on the power costs of your business. It also helps your business in cutting down on its carbon footprint.

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