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Prevent hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses to email impersonation scams 

Email impersonation scams pose a serious threat and have the potential to cause significant harm to your business. 

In just the first three months of 2022, 93 victims in Singapore lost at least S$56.2 million to business email compromise (BEC) scams. It involves the sending of emails supposedly from victim's colleagues, business partners or suppliers informing them of a change in bank account. 


Staying vigilant and knowing how to identify these emails can protect your business from millions of dollars in losses.

81% of organizations around the world have experienced email impersonation scams since March 2020.

It is a real threat to your business. Unfortunately, only 1 in 5 businesses deliver awareness training to their employees. 

The #1 Automated Security Awareness Training Platform

Improve your organisation's cyber resillience by educating employees in a fully automated way. 


Gain permanent behavioural change through a holistic combination of personalised simulations, security awareness training sessions, active reporting and threat intelligence. 


Cybersecurity Awareness Training session can reduce the incidence of cyberattacks like a data breach by 70% 

A holistic approach to Security Awareness Training

We offer a holistic approach to your employees' Security Awareness with

Awareness alone is never enough. It is important to offer them a complete training that covers every base. These four pillar features can ensure you a complete training. 

Marble Surface

100% Automated, Personalised Phishing Simulations 


Traditional Security Awareness methods are broken: successful phishing attacks increase by 46% per year. With phishing threats becoming more dangerous and sophisticated, one-shot anti-phishing training just doesn't cut it.  


Fully Automated 

Minimise workloads as well as phishing threats. Automatically send phishing simulations to your employees without the need for manual intervention. 

Up to date simulations 

Our continuous training features simulation campaigns based on real-world events, threats and topics. Ensure your cybersecurity training is never out of touch. 

AI Driven

Phished simulations are automatically adapted to every employee, based on their behaviour and susceptibility to phishing simulations 

Native Content 

Every phishing simulation in the Phished database is adapted per country, focusing on local brands and standards. 

Cybersecurity Training Your Employees Will Love


Time-efficient training in the Phished Academy brings cybersecurity to life for your co-workers: from ransomware to healthy IT habits using over hundreds of pieces of content.  

Adaptive Learning Paths

Automatically enlist new employees on pre-defined Learning Paths or create your own using the intuitive workflow builder.  

Dynamic Training

Educate employees based on the mistakes they make. Showing them, rather than telling makes for a strong learning moment. 

Extensive Content Database

Microlearnings with a broad impact: different types of content ensure a expansive knowledge of cybersecurity, tailored to individuals' growth points.  

Custom Branding & Content

Add your own branding and content to make the Phished Academy a seamless experience for your employees, focusing on information and threats that relate to your business. 


Next-Gen Threat Intelligence 


Bridge the Phishing Paradox: everyone knows what phishing is, but can they recognise it? Our powerful reporting tools give you meaningful insight into your organisation’s awareness state.


Activate Your Employees

The Phished Report Button allows employees to report both phishing simulations and actual threats, and integrates seamlessly with most traditional reporting buttons.

Neutralise Active Threats 

Neutralise real-time dangers before they strike thanks to improved awareness. Integrate Phished logs and data directly into your SIEM tools.

Best-In-Class Reporting

Powerful reporting tools deliver meaningful, actionable data to identify weak spots on an individual level or per function/location/department/…

Automated Reporting 

Check up on your organisation's performance or receive a daily/weekly/monthly digest straight to your inbox. Set up your favourite method in seconds.

Proven Return On Investment


From the very first phishing simulation, Phished actively improves your organisation's Security Awareness. Don't just take our word for it, we back it up with data.


Up to half of your employees will get phished during a first baseline test.  


Click rate drops dramatically to under 5% on average in 12 months' time. After just 6 months, this will already have dropped to 16% on average.  


Reporting rates double within the first six months, both for phishing simulations and real phishing threats. 


Obtain a zero-incident rate by changing employee behaviour 

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