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Asiacloud Service Culture Standard 

This AsiaCloud Service Culture Standard was developed to guide every AsiaCloud Team Member to deliver the highest service excellence standard in their day-to-day interactions and communications with both clients and AsiaCloud Team Member.

1. You shall regard Client’s requirements and interests as significance at all situations.

2. Service and support assigned clients in the way I would like to be serviced.

3. Exercise extreme courtesy and integrity in all communication with clients or with your fellow colleagues.

4. If in doubt, you will seek clarification from clients or fellow colleagues in all communications and interactions with them. Seek first to understand and then be understood.

5. In every situation or interaction with clients or AsiaCloud Team Member, you will adopt a win-win attitude for all parties.

6. Be on time by being early for appointments with clients or AsiaCloud Team Member, or be present in your workstation according to the assigned work schedule.

7. If mistakes are made by you during service delivery, avoid laying blame, justification and excuses. Instead you will:

    a. Acknowledge with the affected parties that mistakes had been committed.

    b. Take ownership of the problem resolution.

    c. Learn from the mistakes and ensure that no repetition of similar mistakes.

    d. Turn the experience into opportunity for knowledge sharing and continual service improvement.

8. You shall hold as strictly confidential all information concerning the affairs of Clients unless the Client has given approval for its disclosure.

9. Develop recommendations that are realistic and practicable and clearly understandable by the Client.

10. You shall not indicate any short-term benefits at the expense of the long term welfare of the Client, without first advising the implications.

11. Advise the Client of any significant reservations you may have about the Client’s expectation of benefits from a service engagement or products.

12. Ensure that the information given to client is factual, relevant and not misleading.

13. At all times conduct yourself in a manner which will enhance the client regard of AsiaCloud.

14. For service quality issue, learn to deal direct and communicate any issue to the appropriate person who is able to assist in the problem resolution.

15. Extend your helping hand to fellow team member who is in need or facing difficulties in servicing the clients. In all situations, never abandon a fellow team member to deal with the issue alone.

16. Do whatever it takes legally, ethically and morally to win and celebrate all wins.

17. After a vigorous discussion and debate to search collectively for the best solution to a service issue, AsiaCloud Team will unify behind the decisions even though at personal level you may not support the solution.

18. Every AsiaCloud Team Member must learn and continue to learn from the experience of service failures in order to avoid a future reoccurrence.

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