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5 Ways Managed Print Services can help you with your business

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Before we get started, you must be wondering, what is Managed Print Services? What exactly does Managed Print Services do and how can it help my organisation?

Managed Print Services, also known as MPS in short, is a service that manages all your printing needs, namely copy, scan, fax and print. By engaging this service, it can help your organisation fully optimise your printing devices, save costs and increase efficiency. Here, we have collated 5 key takeaways on how engaging Managed Print Services (MPS) with AsiaCloud can help your business.

Assess Printing Needs

AsiaCloud will determine your company’s printing needs through various assessments by our MPS Specialists. We will then advise you on the numbers of printers and types of printers that best suit your company’s needs. This helps your company save costs by getting a printer that fits your business right, rather than paying for a printer that serves everything else, but you do not have the need to utilize them.

Automated Toner Supply Delivery

Never worry about inadequate toner cartridges when you sign up with AsiaCloud MPS. We monitor your devices and are notified when your printers run low on the toners. We will prepare a replacement for your device upon notification. This saves your business’ productivity from possible downtime because of inadequate toner supplies. Also, it eliminates the need to have a staff constantly checking on toner level and then order it. Did you know that the wait for a toner can be up to 4 weeks? That’s why at AsiaCloud, we got you covered.

Reduced Maintenance/ Repair Costs

By engaging AsiaCloud, we will be in-charged of all maintenance and repair of your print devices. We know how unexpected maintenance and issues can disrupt your flow of business. Thus, MPS does a preventive maintenance will be carried out frequently. Our in-house certified engineers are ready and on standby to support you for all technical issues. Often, many businesses face surprise maintenances which may bring about unallocated budget for unexpected maintenance/repair costs. With MPS, you can cast your worries aside as AsiaCloud will take charge of this aspect.

Pay only for pages you print

AsiaCloud MPS gives you the flexibility to pay only for pages you print*. As such, it lets you save costs via our pay-per-print program and get charged base on your usages only.

Concentrate on your core businesses

All in all, AsiaCloud MPS aims to relief printer management burden from your company by taking over the management of your print devices. MPS lets you put your focus and concentration on your core businesses.

For more information, you can check out our Managed Print Services (MPS) page here.

AsiaCloud is presently having a promotion for MPS. For more details of the promotion, you can click here.

*Pay only for pages you print is only available for certain plans. Please check with your account manager on this.

Post written by: Debra

This blogpost is accurate at time of post. Posted on: 28th September 2018.

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