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Fully Managed IT Services Vs Ad-Hoc/Block Hours - Part One

Technology has revolutionised the world as we know it. Only 25 years ago the thought of us having everything we could possibly need at the touch of a button was simply unheard of. IT has made the world a considerably smaller place to live in, both when working and in normal life.

Tech has gradually become a leading factor in the performance of businesses all over the globe. When its capabilities were first realised only large rich corporations were able to utilise the full potential that it had to offer, but now that is no longer the case – no matter the size of your organisation you can still reap all the benefits of modern-day technology. It has taken some time, but smaller businesses are gradually realising that – with the help of technology – they can transform their organisation into a more efficient, compliant, and productive version of itself.

This technology has become so vast in its capabilities – and on the downside, developed potentially disastrous security implications if not managed correctly – that most businesses find they need to seek experienced IT support. Let’s explore this in more detail.

IT support

IT support is the process of managing the prolonged security and success of IT within an organisation – the extent of which will depend on your level of support. Some businesses operate on an Ad-Hoc/Block Hours basis, meaning they only get a reactive approach to any problems that occur. Let’s explore this in more detail and see what the problems are with this method.

Your current IT support – Ad-Hoc/Block Hours

A deliberate lack of effort

I know we always like to think the best in people but, unfortunately, for a lot of providers offering Ad-Hoc/Block Hour agreements, sometimes their intentions aren’t always in your best interests. If you have agreed to a certain number of hours of support a month it is in the best interests of your provider to take their time in resolving any problem you contacted them about, because only in this way will you need to buy more hours from them sooner than anticipated.

Poor communication

With Ad-Hoc support, your provider will very rarely have any interest in your company ethos or the way that you and your team work. This leads to a lack of – or completely non-existent – communication between you and them. With your IT support company having little to no knowledge of your organisation, the goals that you have, and the way you choose to carry out business, how can they possibly provide you with the right IT solutions to make any of this possible?

Limited call outs

Depending on your agreement with them, some support providers only allow you to make a certain number of call-outs per month – this is obscene - how can you possibly know how many times you are going to need to call for assistance?

Reactive but not proactive

With Ad-Hoc/Block Hours support you are only getting a reactive approach toward your IT – again, this is simply not good enough. When agreeing to the terms in your contract they will talk the talk, using terms like ‘proactive approach’, ‘forethought’, and claims of ‘looking to the future of your IT landscape’, when, in reality, they will only react to problems that arise and do very little else to improve the overall performance of your IT.

Now we know the pitfalls of your existing IT support, in the following article we will explore Managed IT support, the difference between it and Ad-Hoc/Block Hour support, and the advantages that Managed IT support makes possible.

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