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With a comprehensive range of StarHub solutions designed to give you the crucial competitive edge. AsiaCloud is ready to co-create true business value together with you. 
Business Fibre Broadband

Choose from DYNAMIC Fibre Broadband or STATIC Fibre Broadband.

Lag-free and reliable connectivity

Access cloud-based productivity applications, business tools and cloud servers quickly and reliably with StarHub’s blazing fast and consistent high-speed Fibre connection.

Reliable and resilient

Make video calls, download massive files or use cloud services with consistently quick Fibre Broadband whenever you want it. That means getting more work done in less time, without interruption.

Mobile Plans

Enhance your business communications with StarHub's super reliable and superfast 4GHD network. 

Smart Office Suite

Whether you’re starting a business or growing one, jump-start your business with StarHub Smart Office Suite.


StarHub Smart Office Suite provides you with the best value bundling Business Fibre Broadband, Mobile Line and more. Choose from Business Dynamic Fibre Broadband bundles that range from 100Mbps to 1Gbps to suit your business needs.

High-speed connectivity on Business Fibre Broadband

  • HD video conferencing, access to cloud apps, and quick transfers of large files

  • Reliable and consistent high-speed fibre broadband for everyone in the office

  • Get more work done in less time

HD Voice (exclusive to StarHub)

  • Limits background noise for better, more natural mobile phone calls

  • Hear more detail and speak naturally without straining to make yourself heard

  • Enjoy more privacy for business calls, wherever you are

Next Generation Data Center

One trusted provider to fulfill all your data center requirements!


Keep your business running smoothly with total control over your data center and network with StarHub’s next generation software-defined facilities.


Key Highlights

  • Certified Uptime Tier 3 facilitiy

  • Multi Level 24×7 security

  • N+1 Power and Cooling

  • Single Storey purpose built Data Center

  • Full diversity for power and network

  • Lower PUE (1.2-1.5) Realtime

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