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AC360 Armour

A Managed Security Service to safeguard your business with 24/7 protection and monitoring of your servers & workstations to ensure optimal performance and security. 


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Discover, prevent & recover from cyber threats faster. 

A data breach can have devastating consequences for businesses. The exposure of secured, sensitive customer information and vital internal business data, including inventory lists, transaction histories, and other confidential details, is a situation that every business strives to avoid. 

There is no fool proof way to secure your IT. Which is why you need to take a layered approach to cyber security. By implementing multiple layers of protection, you enhance your defense against a wider range of threats, filtering out potential risks that may go undetected by individual  security measures. 

AC360 Armour goes beyond conventional methods by combining advanced security tools with human analysis. This comprehensive approach minimizes the likelihood of experiencing downtime and data loss caused by cyber attacks, system failures and human errors. With AC360 Armour, you can significantly reduce your risk exposure and fortify your overall security posture. 


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AC360 Armour Features


Virus and Malware

Patching & Updates

Proactive Monitoring


Password Manager

Device Encryption

Security Awareness Training


Dedicated Response Team

Threat Detection & 

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AC360 Armour ensures your servers and workstations remain protected and monitored, in different plans to suit your business needs.

Catered for all businesses, regardless the size. 

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*Licensed by the number of endpoints and servers

Prices start from as low as S$13 per endpoint per month

Our Managed Services

AC360 Shield protects your business email from malicious threats and provides you with the ability to recover important emails and data in the event of data loss.

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AC360 Armour provides a managed security service that ensures the health, optimal performance and 24/7 security of your servers and workstations

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AC360 Scale safeguards your systems and data around the clock with our fully-managed Backup and Disaster Recovery solution.

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