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Managed Security Service

Discover, Prevent & Recover from Cyber Threats Faster

Combining technology with human anaysis, we aim to minimize the risk of downtime and data loss from cyberattacks, system failures, and human error. 

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AC360 Armour Features


Security Patch Management

Urgent security patches for Microsoft Operating Systems, and selected Microsoft and 3rd-party applications will be applied as needed outside of the normal patching schedule to address specific vulnerabilities.


Administration & Support

  • 24×7 monitoring and alerting

  • Proactive patch maintenance

  • Remote troubleshooting and repair

  • Hardware support

  • System lifecycle management

  • Comprehensive reporting


Next-Generation Anti-Virus

We provide leading NGAV software and monitor and manage its status to ensure that it is installed and functioning as intended on all covered systems. We also help with running manual deep scans on-demand.


Managed Threat Detection & Response

Even proper patching and the right NGAV solution isn’t enough to protect businesses against today’s advanced cyberattacks. Our MDR service delivers added protection using sophisticated software that provides automatic threat detection and mitigation. Security Analysts will also monitor your endpoints 24×7 and provide advanced threat hunting and response.


Security Awareness & Anti-Phishing Training 

Users are your last line of defense. The more they know, the less prone they are to fall victim to a phishing scam or other security incident. Our service includes monthly phishing simulations and Security Awareness Training courses with automated reporting to track your results.

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AC360 Armour managed security service ensures that your servers and workstations are healthy, perform optimally, and remain secure 24/7.

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AC 360 Scale protects all of your systems and data, all of the time, with this fully-managed Backup and Disaster Recovery solution.

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AC 360 Shields your users from malicious emails and providing you with recoverability for all your important business emails.

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