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AC360 Shield

An email backup service to safeguard your business from email-based cyber threats. It shields your user from malicious emails, ensuring your business communications are secured. Achieve peace of mind knowing that your important emails are protected and recoverable. 

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AC360 Shield Features


Mitigate potential risks and exposure by implementing a robust email filtering system that thoroughly scans each incoming email before it reaches your mail service. This proactive measure ensures protection against email-based attacks, including spam and malware, safeguarding both you and your users. 

Combat sophisticated attacks, such as phishing imposters, by employing a comprehensive set of security measure. It utilizes a combination of authentication techniques, analyze email headers for anomalies, scrutinize display names and conduct thorough analysis of lookalike domains. This multi-faceted approach effectively blocks advanced attacks and strengthens your email security. 

Furthermore, empower your users to become a formidable defense against cyber threats. Foster a culture of vigilance by providing comprehensive security awareness training and conducting simulated attacks. By equipping your users with the knowledge and skills to identify and respond to potential threats, they become your business' last line of defense and the superhuman firewall that every business needs. 


Spam & Malware Protection

Block Phishing Imposters 

Email Encryption 

Content Control 

Security Awareness Training 

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Cloud to Cloud Backup 

Unlimited Backup Storage & Retention

Email Journal Archiving & Compliance Tool 


In the event of data corruption, encryption or accidental deletion, swift restoration is crucial to minimizing downtime and maintaining uninterrupted business operations. 

Ensure seamless business continuity by promptly recovering from data loss or malicious actions. Our robust restoration capabilities allow for quick retrieval and restoration of your critical data, minimizing any potential disruptions. 

Maintain compliance effortlessly with  email journal archiving and compliance tools such as eDiscovery, Legal Hold, Advanced Search, tamper-proof archive and more. 

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Keep your business emails & communications protected. 

Email phishing attacks account for over 90% of successful data breaches, and as cybercriminals become increasingly sophisticated, it's crucial to stay one step ahead. AC360 Shield empowers businesses by fortifying their email defenses and providing robust backup solutions. In addition to safeguarding your emails, our platform backs up your OneDrive and SharePoint data, offering an extra layer of protection against data loss. We ensure that your email ecosystems remains secure and resilient. Trust AC360 Shield to safeguard your business communications and shield you from the ever-evolving threats of the digital landscape. 

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AC360 ensures your email ecosystems remain secure and resilient, in different plans to suit your business needs. 

Catered for all businesses regardless of size. 


*Licensed by the number of mailbox 
*Mailbox aliases, Distribution Lists, or Public Folders do not require licenses


Prices start from as low as S$9 per email per month

Our Managed Services

AC360 Shield protects your business email from malicious threats and provides you with the ability to recover important emails and data in the event of data loss.

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AC360 Armour provides a managed security service that ensures the health, optimal performance and 24/7 security of your servers and workstations

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AC360 Scale safeguards your systems and data around the clock with our fully-managed Backup and Disaster Recovery solution.

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