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Email Backup Service

Keep Your Business Emails & Communications Protected

Over 90% if successful data breaches start with an email phishing attack. With the general public becoming more educated, phishing emails have also evolved to being more sophisticated. AC360 Shield provides you with not just enhanced security for your emails, but also backs up all your emails, OneDrive and SharePoint data, giving you an added layer of protection against data loss.

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AC360 Shield Features


Malware Protection

Using multiple behavioral anti-virus engines along with sandboxing technology. AC360 Shield’s in-depth attachment analysis prevents any zero-day exploit via malware or ransomware


Phishing Detection

A deep learning model that analyzes structure, context, etc. which enables phishing URLs detection with a strong reference with global specialized sources for known phishing URLs


Anti-Spoofing/ Impersonations

A team of threat analysts identify brand spoofing, domain spoofing and CEO fraud by incorporating anomaly detection algorithms and threat intelligence.

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Email Backup & Archival 

We securely back up all email, OneDrive and SharePoint data to a separate cloud instance is AWS, which enhances your ability to find and quickly recover important data that may have been accidentally or maliciously deleted. Eliminating your dependence on Microsoft’s limited native capabilities.

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AC360 Armour managed security service ensures that your servers and workstations are healthy, perform optimally, and remain secure 24/7.

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AC 360 Scale protects all of your systems and data, all of the time, with this fully-managed Backup and Disaster Recovery solution.

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AC 360 Shields your users from malicious emails and providing you with recoverability for all your important business emails.

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