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Adaptive Defense 360

Detects and blocks malware that any other protection system misses. 

Adaptive Defense 360 is the first cyber-security service that combines next-generation protection (NG EPP) and detection and remediation technologies (EDR), with the ability to classify 100% of running processes. Being in total control of everything happening inside your machines means you can:

  • Avoid data leaks whether they come from malware or from your employees.

  • Discover and solve system and application vulnerabilities while preventing undesirables such as browser toolbars, adware or add-ons.

  • Detect and block targeted attacks against your systems.

Adaptive Defense 360 provides adaptive protection against malware, integrating prevention, detection, forensic analysis and automated remediation.

Raise the bar for your business security with Panda Adaptive Defense 360.

Adaptive Defense

Certifies each and every running application

Adaptive Defense is the only endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution that can accurately classify all the running applications in your organization.


Our EDR capabilities rely on a security model based on three principles:

  • Continuous monitoring of the applications on all the company’s endpoints and servers.

  • Automatic classification using Machine Learning on our Cloud Big Data platform.

  • Expert analysts certify suspicious applications, to identify the behavior of everything running on the organization’s infrastructure.

Adaptive Defense is compatible with traditional antivirus solutions and can coexist with your existing company’s protection. It will become the ultimate solution for blocking the advanced threats and targeted and zero-day attacks that traditional solutions are unable to detect.

New Virus Attacked Financial Centre and Bankers 

Protecting yourself from the Emotet campaign is not especially difficult as it spreads using malicious spam. Nevertheless, users in your organization may easily become victims of the phishing and social engineering techniques that are frequently used. What makes this Trojan really dangerous is its ability to automatically change its own code, making it far more difficult for a traditional antivirus to detect it. Fortunately, however, companies protected by Panda Security are protected from this Trojan, even if employees open the email and download the document. What’s more, organizations protected with Panda Adaptive Defense and Panda Adaptive Defense 360 are also protected against any known or unknown variant, Trojan or malware that exploits the EternalBlue vulnerability. Its managed Attestation service for classifying 100% of applications and processes prevents them from running until they are classified as trusted. For more information on Panda Adaptive Defense 360, refer to the product data sheet. For more information on other advanced solutions from Panda Security, go to our website:

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Zero Risk
Complete, robust and adaptable protection guaranteed for any corporate environment, capable of meeting ‘zero risk’ targets.
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Continuous Monitoring 

By registering and analyzing all the information about the status of your corporate network, it is a simple task for us to keep you up-to-date about everything that takes place.

You can configure reports and alerts to be informed of any malware identified, its location, the systems affected, and the action it tries to initiate.

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Forensic Information
Find out who is trying to access your data and how, thanks to detailed and intelligent traceability about everything that happens on your IT infrastructure: threat timeline, information flow, the behavior of active processes, etc.
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Defense Against Vulnerabilities
Thanks to the latest generation of contextual and behavioral rules, we are able to consolidate an environment that is secure in the face of system and application vulnerabilities, even when the programs are not updated.
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100% Managed Service

Forget about having to invest resources in technical personnel to manage quarantine and suspicious files, or disinfections and installations on infected computers.

Adaptive Defense 360 classifies all applications automatically, under the continuous supervision of PandaLabs specialized technicians.

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Contextual Intelligence
The analysis, categorization and correlation of all the data from a range of external and internal sources, allows our laboratories to automate the behavioral models that reveal malicious activity even before it is initiated.
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