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AC360 Armour – A Secure Environment

Now that we have gone through some of the security issues that AC360 Armour will remedy for you, in this article we will outline what the rest of the offering presents to your business, as well as our understanding of the concerns that you have as a business owner.

There are three steps to successful cyber security, which are:

To Discover, Prevent, and Recover – but we already know this. We need this to happen as fast as possible in order to best nullify cyber threats.

Our understanding

We understand that for most businesses a data breach is a disaster. Your secure customer information and internal business data (such as inventory lists, transaction history) and other privileged information being compromised – either via theft or deletion - is an event that all businesses not only don’t want to experience but simply can’t afford to.

We know that there is no way to guarantee a secure cyber landscape – just as there is no way to guarantee your organisation’s physical security – but we do know that there is a tried and tested approach that is close to that. This approach has to be a layered one – your cyber security stack needs to be layered, so that what the first tool or procedure misses the next may catch, and so on.

With this understanding in mind, in the form of AC360 Armour, we have combined the powers of capable security tools and a vigilant, competent team of human analysts to effectively minimize your risk of downtime and data loss from even the most uncommon of cyber-attacks, system failures and human errors.

But enough about us – we have touched on the details behind the AC360 Armour offering, but what else does it offer?

Protect Your Device

· Patching & Updates

· Proactive Monitoring

· Protection of Your Digital Assets

· Remediation & Response

· Dedicated Response Team

· Security Awareness Training.

The above features and tools - combined with the others that we described in detail in our last article – will enable you to feel protected; a feat that not many cyber security offerings can achieve.

A Cyber Secure Environment

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