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Cybersecurity Awareness Training with AC360 Shield – Email Security That Acknowledges End User Risk

With Phishing attempts the most commonly encountered cyber threat, it’s vital that your email security infrastructure is up to the challenge. However, as we discussed previously, it’s also vital that your staff have the knowledge needed to spot the phishing attempts which evade the detection of your technical measures. Unfortunately, many IT companies offer a single proprietary tool as a catch-all solution for email security, an approach that is woefully inadequate in the face of an ever-expanding threat landscape.

What you need as an IT provider that understands the multifaceted nature of email security, with a managed security offering that covers all fronts…

Introducing AC360 Shield – Comprehensive Managed Email Security from Asia Cloud

AC360 is a managed email security package designed to sure up every vulnerability involved in running a corporate email service. Comprised of 3 core components – Security, Backup and Support – AC360 is designed to offer email security peace of mind for a competitive monthly fee, charged on a per-mailbox basis.


In order to minimise your Email service’s risk profile it’s important to have an effective email filter capable of discerning the good from the bad, and preventing the majority of threats landing in your inboxes.

AC360 features cutting-edge email filtering and anti-malware tools which leverage a range of screening techniques to identify and intercept phishing attempts, spam, and malware-laden emails before they reach their intended destinations, including domain name analysis, email header analysis, display name inspection and more. Email encryption is also included as standard, vital for protecting sensitive correspondence transiting insecure networks.

Introducing fully-automated security awareness from Phished

Conscious of the risks posed by poor end user security awareness, we partnered with Phished, a market-leader in email security training. Offered on AC360’s ‘Premium’ and ‘Enterprise’ plans, Phished’s innovate email security education platform is designed to empower employees with the knowledge and confidence needed to identify and counter email-based threats. So how does it work?...

· Data gathering. The platform gathers data from individual users, assessing knowledge-level and risk profile.

· Artificial Intelligence gets to work. AI analyses the data inputs and crafts a programme of training exercises and phishing simulations that are appropriate for each user.

· Tailored Learning. Thanks to full automation, the platform can push phishing simulations to your end users on a continuous basis, ensuring your team are constantly mindful of the threats that exist. Relevant and current, the simulations make reference to current events for a more engaging user experience, and are designed to reflect the dynamic, ever-evolving nature of the threat landscape. There’s also an extensive content library covering a wide spectrum of cybersecurity topics delivered via immersive video presentations, at a pace that’s attuned to the learning pathways of individual users.

In addition to its extensive educational resources, the platform features a threat intelligence and reporting feature that integrates with Microsoft Outlook. This empowers users to take action to eliminate identified threats, and helps gather valuable insights into where latent security vulnerabilities lie.


While threat minimisation should always be a priority, it’s equally important to have a strategy that enables the swift recovery of data should it fall into the malicious hands, suffer accidental deletion or become corrupted by hardware failure.

AC360 Shield includes an unlimited, cloud-to-cloud backup service for Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange. Incorporating a range of compliance tools and effortless data discoverability, you’ll be able to rebound from any disruptive event with ease.


AC360 Shield is a fully managed service featuring guaranteed response times and unlimited support on all price plans. We’ll maintain the integrity of your email service round-the-clock, with 24/7 dynamic threat monitoring for added peace of mind.

AsiaCloud - Your Trusted IT Partner

Secure, backup and educate…email security requires a three-pronged approach, something that so many IT providers fail to comprehend.

Combining cutting-edge, dynamic email gateway security, immersive employee email security training and a dedicated cloud backup, AC360 Shield aims to address every vulnerability present in your corporate email service and give your team the skills to thwart even the most convincing email scammers. Why not get in touch today to find out more.

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