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Get more value from your IT with these 4 transformative IT solutions

In today’s turbulent economic climate, businesses are under pressure to improve productivity and efficiency in order to remain competitive and relevant. One of the most effective ways to achieve both of these aims is by leveraging the latest IT solutions. Scalable and flexible by design, such solutions are accessible to businesses of all sizes, allowing budget-constrained SMEs to access IT capabilities that were once only available to larger enterprises.

However, with so many options vying for your attention, how do you decide which solutions to include in your company’s future IT plans?

To help you focus in on the right solutions for your business’s digitalization journey, here’s what we believe are the 4 value–adding IT solutions all organizations should consider adopting in 2023.

Hosting business resources in the Cloud

Cloud hosting is where software programmes or other business resources are run in the cloud—a global network of computing resources and software accessible over the internet.

Previously, in order to run a website, email service, or business application, it was necessary to buy and install a server and host the setup in your local network. Thanks to the cloud however, such services can now be established or provisioned via cloud service providers through a global network of data centers. Offering versatile hosting solutions and services, these providers make it possible for organizations to run complex IT services and applications without having to procure, host and physically maintain their own servers. This typically reduces overheads, alleviates maintenance duties and is often more secure.

Cloud services are frequently offered on a monthly subscription basis. This makes it simple to provide resources precisely in line with business needs at any given time, leading to IT investments that are more flexible, precise and efficient.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the preferred workplace productivity suite in the globe, being used by more than one million enterprises. With its debut as the famed ‘Office’ product line's cloud-hosted replacement, Microsoft 365 has become a comprehensive platform that comprises a variety of tools and platforms that aim to boost office productivity and facilitate easy collaboration.

The following important platforms are parts of the MS 365 suite:

Microsoft Teams

The center of the Microsoft 365 experience is ‘Teams’. Teams has quickly become the most popular collaboration tool in the world, thanks to its user-friendly chat interface, shared document storage (provided by its SharePoint integration), live document co-authoring, robust scheduling features, and industry-leading video conferencing experience.


SharePoint is a platform for collaboration that serves as a central information hub for team projects and corporate divisions. SharePoint sites can serve as data and document repositories, or as educational intranet websites aimed at keeping staff members informed. Thanks to SharePoint’s highly customizable architecture, users can tailor sites to the unique requirements of any group project, business department or organizational objective.


Outlook is an essential part of Microsoft 365 and offers broad cross-platform connectivity with tools like Teams, Planner and To Do. It is simple to understand why Outlook has more than 400 million users globally given its robust and user-friendly calendaring features, the opportunity to incorporate workflow management platforms, and the capacity to apply automations within it to increase efficiency and relevancy in communications.

Offering integration with hundreds of third-party applications as well as seamless cross platform compatibility, Microsoft 365 is truly a one-of-a-kind solution that can be adapted to the requirements of any business. To accommodate a wide range of IT budgets, the product line is offered on a per-user subscription basis, with packages at a range of price points.

Hosted VoIP

Legacy phone systems are gradually being replaced by convenient and affordable cloud-hosted VoIP phone solutions that operate over internet connections. Because these solutions don’t rely on fixed telephony infrastructure, employees can utilize the phone system from anywhere, allowing customers and stakeholders to stay in touch with your business no matter where you or your team are working from. Replete with features such as call queuing, auto-attendants and call recording, Cloud-hosted VoIP systems are a great way to improve call handling capabilities and upgrade your phone system in line with modern expectations.

On top of this, many VoIP systems integrate with other communication mediums such as email, text messaging, and CRM interfaces. This practice is known as ‘unified communications,’ and involves amalgamating communication channels and data sources to provide a seamless user interface and a smoother, more-efficient customer experience.

Aside from the flexibility, streamlining and integrations on offer, VoIP also offers reduced costs: both upfront and ongoing. ‘Softphones’ for example, allow you to use a VoIP system on the internet-capable devices you already own. These intuitive software programmes mimic the functionality of a traditional phone system and eliminate the need to purchase dedicated handsets. There’s also no need to install new phone lines, as VoIP systems can harness your existing wired, wireless and cellular internet connections. In addition to removing many physical costs, the charges for VoIP services are typically offered on a subscription basis and usually compare favorably to traditional call plans.

Managed Security Services

There’s a wide and expanding range of issues that can enter the radars of business owners. Among these is the growing cyber threat, which when left unchecked can wreak havoc, with effects ranging from reputational and financial loss to crippling service downtime and damage to staff morale. Online security may not seem like a big issue, until it becomes a big issue.

If you enlist the expertise of a managed security provider, you'll have more time and energy to devote towards expanding your enterprise. These companies will be able to audit your network to identify existing weaknesses and to implement a variety of security measures, such as managed firewalls, access controls, and advanced anti-virus programmes that keep your enterprise secure and able to focus on its vision and growth without interruptions. Several suppliers also offer round-the-clock vulnerability assessment and platforms with early detection capabilities that can promptly thwart cyberattacks.

Considering that data breaches can result in instant and deep financial losses including loss of time and morale, it is worth investing into the security-focused aspects of your IT to sustainably and securely tap into the potential that IT solutions can offer for your organization.

Your Experts for Managed IT Services

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