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AC360 Armour – Addressing the Problem

AC360 Armour – one of three components that make up our AC360 offering – helps you take a layered approach to your cyber security. The layering of our security tools and procedures allows us to create a net to catch any threats that may be harder to spot, because if one tool misses it then the next or the one after will catch it. It offers the closest possible solution to absolute security.

Many don’t understand how important some security measures are. Let’s take a look at some of the elements of security that the AC360 Armour offering addresses for you.

Secure passwords

Passwords are the most important of all security measures. If you have used a smartphone or any device then you have used passwords, and it is this fact that makes it baffling as to why so many of us overlook them as the valuable asset they are to our security. Passwords are at their best when they are completely random – a assorted array of letters, numbers, and other characters makes for a difficult password to remember, but no part of it should have any relation to you, your interests, or anything that can be guessed.

This, unfortunately, makes them hard to remember, and this is the main reason that people fail to make them as effective as they could be. But they must be long and complicated or what is the point in creating one in the first place?

Follow these rules when creating passwords and you can be sure that they are as secure as they can be:

· The longer it is the harder it will be for a criminal to guess. Your passwords need to be a long combination of letters (in both cases), numbers, and characters.

· Don’t make it easy. It is there as the first line of defence to your system, so it needs to be capable. There is no use making your password easily guessable (like FootballTeam1234, because the attacker need only do a small amount of research to find out which team you support, and adding 1234 is a matter of trial and error).

· Change your passwords as often as possible. Of course, we don’t mean every single day going through the laborious process – but your account may have already been hacked with the criminal already inside, so changing your password will automatically kick them out and ask them to use the new password to sign back in.

As we said, passwords aren’t taken seriously enough or treated as the essential asset that they can be to your systems. Effective passwords can stop a cyber-criminal in their tracks at the gate, rather than after they have already gained access – so take passwords seriously!

Anti–Malware Measures

Anti-Malware measures need to be installed on every system you have – and that goes for your home devices and those that you use on-premise. Practically all good systems come with a free version from the manufacturer included, but, as good a gesture as it is, rarely is it capable of defending your system against even the weakest of attacks - even if it can, it isn’t designed to work for businesses – your standards of business security must be higher than that.

Data encryption

This one can be a little confusing. Cyber criminals are looking to encrypt your data – so you have to do it before they do. You need to beat them to the punch and voluntarily encrypt your own data. Data encryption is the process of scrambling the readable text of your files and documents so only the person/people that hold the ‘key’ (with authorised access) can read them – doing this gives you access but makes it exceedingly difficult for cyber criminals to get into your systems.

Threat Detection Tools

An important part of your cyber security stack is threat detection. This is one of the first elements of your cyber security stack to come into action, because it will alert you when something suspicious happens on the network. Again, this will allow you to spend your time doing more productive activities that benefit the bottom line of the business as opposed to spending your days scanning through your network for abnormalities.

Security awareness training

The most important of all is training your users. They must know how to be vigilant if you wish to convert them from being potential victims and passengers on your system, to the first line of defence and the driving force to the cyber security of your organisation.

In the following article we will explore the AC360 Armour offering further and see what else it can do for you and your business.

A Cyber Secure Environment

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