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Many companies aren't making the most of Microsoft 365 or its security tools.

A new survey has found many companies aren't bothering with some MS365 essentials.

What you need to know

Microsoft 365 services offer many, many tools to organizations.

A new survey by Ensono has found that a large number of IT decision-makers and their respective organizations don't utilize MS365 to the fullest, leaving valuable tools and security resources on the table.

As an example of the above situation, Ensono discovered that 38% of organizations surveyed were not using multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Even if they're paying for the goods, not all organizations are using them. In fact, a surprisingly large amount of organizations subscribed to Microsoft 365 services are neglecting some key features that could help with productivity and security.

According to a new survey by Ensono, which gathered the responses of 251 UK IT decision-makers from a range of businesses, many organizations are missing out on data loss prevention (DLP), Conditional Access Controls (CAC), and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Respondents included IT decision-makers for firms with 10,000+ employees as well as small businesses with 1-10 employees (in addition to sizes between these extremes).

While 83% of the surveyed population found Microsoft 365 invaluable, Ensono also reported that:

- 38% are not using multi-factor authentication (MFA)

- Only 43% have Conditional Access Controls in place (CAC)

- 46% do not have data loss prevention (DLP) or data classification configured

"Of those surveyed that reported a Microsoft 365-related breach, 42% were linked to files being shared with external parties and 37% were due to the impersonation of a compromised account," the report reads, highlighting a few potential consequences of not using the built-in security offerings of MS365.

Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant at Ensono, noted that some firms are creating unnecessary expenditures for themselves by going with third-party solutions for functionalities already packaged with their Microsoft 365 subs.

A takeaway of the survey is this: In a world filled with impersonators and threat actors, knowing what security you have at your disposal is paramount.

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