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Why Anti-Malware is Essential

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Written on 23rd July 2018.

“The hackers infiltrated the computers of SingHealth, Singapore’s largest group of healthcare institutions with four hospitals, five national speciality centres and eight polyclinics. Two other polyclinics used to be under SingHealth.”

Excerpt from The Straits Time News, July 20 2018, 5.29PM, Personal Information of 1.5million SingHealth Patients stolen in Singapore’s worst cyber attack.

“Initial investigations showed that one SingHealth front-end workstation was infected with malware through which the hackers gained access to the data base. The data theft happened between June 27, 2018, and July 4, 2018.”

Excerpt from The Straits Time News, July 20 2018, 5.29PM, Personal Information of 1.5million SingHealth Patients stolen in Singapore’s worst cyber attack.

In the recent SingHeath data leaked incident, one front-end workstation was infected with malware which the hackers used to gained access to the database. From this, we can tell how vulnerable the cyber security was of the workstation that one infected front-end workstation was all the hackers need in order to steal private information of 1.5 million patients.

Picking up malware usually happens when you download suspicious file, run unpatched software or when you visit the wrong website. However, it is never fool-proof. Even if you are someone who browses the web cautiously by ensuring good browsing practices, it can still affect you – such as clicking innocently on a link from a legit source or opening an email from someone you trust who has been affected by malware themselves.

Cyber attack prevention starts from us – like me and you. Together, we can avoid the spread of malware if we take the necessary steps in cyber attack prevention.

That is why at AsiaCloud, we recommend Panda Security for all your anti-virus and anti-malware needs regardless if it’s for home-use or business-use. Panda Security specialises in the development of IT security solutions and have expanded its line of business to advanced cyber-security services with technology for preventing cyber-crime.

While traditional security solutions are effective in protecting against malware, they are not capable of dealing with attacks where non-malicious tools and other advanced techniques or ransomware are used.

It is imperative to use security software appropriate to the level of threat faced which Panda Security can provide you with. Such as the Adaptive Defense 360 which is the first advanced cyber security service to combine with Next Generation protection (NG EPP) and technologies of detection and remediation (EDR) with the ability to classify 100% of running processes.

Unlike traditional anti-malware solutions, which only act if a process is malicious, the Panda Security’s Smart Technology – based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), monitors every running application on your systems, scanning and classifying absolutely everything.

With proper anti-malware and anti-virus installed into our devices, we can prevent cyber attackers from targeting us where they can gain access to our private datas from our devices.

Click here to learn more about Panda Security Adaptive Defense 360!

Alternatively, you can contact us at or call us at +65 6471 6179 for further queries on Panda Security Adaptive Defense 360! Let's all do our part to stay safe and protect one another's data.

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