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You shouldn't be alarmed if you face these Panda Security lockdowns

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Panda Security, the extremely alert anti-virus software that any slightest bit of change cannot get pass its fences. Over the years, we have received compliments of how Panda is able to block unnoticed malicious viruses faster and better than any other anti-virus software.

Despite granting access to certain applications previously, you may notice that a lockdown may still occur if Panda Security finds something malicious during installation of the same application for a new user or whenever your application creates a folder that was not previously audited. Fret not! This is merely a feature of Panda that blocks and eliminates possible attacks to protect your devices.

Finding the right balance between a too-tight security or a loose security is very important. A loose security will give attacks easier access to your devices, but a too-tight security may over-do it. However, we still recommend you to tighten your cyber security as cyber attackers today have plenty of advanced ways to access your private data in this digital age.

If you face this scenario, we at Asiacloud have a solution for it with these 3 quick steps with your Panda admin account:

1. Lower the security by a level. 2. Quick audit of the application and install it. 3. Readjust the security level back to the highest. 4. We’re done!

If you are an existing MWS customer of AsiaCloud, you can directly approach us to assist you. Simply contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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