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LWI Program

Learning with iPad

"Educators find iPad ideal for meeting diverse learning needs because it gives all students access to create, communicate, personalize and explore in new and powerful ways. "

With the use of an iPad in school, it allows a new way for educators to facilitate learning in the classrooms and engage with the students. iPads can be used individually, by a group of students or a classroom. They are portable, quick and easy to use. Besides that, it helps to prepare students for a digitally driven world as well as providing opportunity to learn how to handle such devices in a productive and responsible manner. It also encourages problem solving, critical thinking and information fluency.



Asiacloud fully supports the professional learning programme (Learning with iPad). We are working closely with Apple to conduct Learning with iPad programme for educators. The sessions will be conducted with hands-on activities focusing on creativity, visible thinking and differentiation. There is also an optional pre-workshop session which introduces educators to the iPad and its operating system, should you require. Both the pre-workshop and Learning with iPad sessions will be conducted at no cost. The sessions will be conducted by certified Apple Professional Learning Consultants. The sessions will also be conducted in your respective institutions.



To register your institute for this programme or if you have any questions about this programme, please drop us an email here. The sessions are subjected to availability and eligibility of your institution. Drop us an email today to find out if you are eligible for this programme’s sessions. 

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