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AC360 Shield – What It Does

In the previous article we explored briefly how AsiaCloud’s AC360 Shield offering is just one part of a three-part offering in the AC360 family – we explained how it centres around email protection, security, and backup.

Now let’s explore the AC360 Shield offering further, and see how it can help you in your fight against the ever rising cyber threat.

Keep Your Business Emails & Communications Protected

In today’s technologically driven world - Over 90% of successful data breaches start with an email phishing attack. Running parallel to the advancements in technology and user education around the use of the technology, phishing emails have grown in sophistication and the level of threat they pose. AC360 Shield provides you with not just enhanced security for your emails, but also backs up all your emails, OneDrive, and SharePoint data, giving you an added layer of protection against data loss.

The features of AC360 Shield:

Reduce Risk & Exposure

The AC360 offering, allows you to reduce risk and exposure through a variety of different means, they are as follows:

· Spam & Malware Protection

· Block Phishing Imposters

· Email Encryption

· Content Control

· Security Awareness Training

Email filters are a great addition to any security system, one that scans every email before it is delivered to your mail service will protect you and your users from email-born threats such as spams and malwares.

Using a variety of authentication techniques like email header anomaly analysis, display names, and lookalike domain analysis will allow you to block advanced attacks such as phishing imposters.

The most important of all, training your users, they must know how to be vigilante if you wish to convert them from potential victims and passengers on your system, to the first line of defence and the driving force to the cyber security of your organization.

AC360 also has features that allow you to recover quickly and stay compliant to your various requirements, they are as follows:

· Cloud to Cloud Backup

· Unlimited Backup Storage & Retention

· Email Journal Archiving & Compliance Tool

AC360 shield allows you to quickly be back to working order with minimal downtime when your data is corrupted, encrypted, deleted, either maliciously or accidentally. IT also allows you to stay compliant with email journal archiving and compliance tools such as eDiscovery, Legal Hold, Advanced Search, tamper-proof archive and more

AC360 shield can really jettison your cyber security measures in your organization to new heights, with it you will have confidence that your systems and team are prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Cloud Computing

AsiaCloud Solutions provides high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective Managed IT services to help your organisation succeed with IT. We offer a combination of enterprise-grade technology along with a fast, scalable, personalised service. We provide world-class IT you can rely on at affordable prices, with our specialists supporting you with a proactive service from right here in Singapore. Contact us now and find out what we can do for you.

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