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Be Sure with Microsoft Azure

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

A service that is always up and always on is a good sign of reliability between the enterprise and its clients. It all applies to all services that provide convenience and dependability as part of their selling point. Some enterprises rely on these kind of services to help with their day to day operations.

Many operations nowadays rely on computer applications that requires on-site computing. From simple applications like for word processing to data services and infrastructure services. But realistically, having that complete package is expensive to acquire and maintain. Imagine buying the hardware, software, and licensing and you have to pay for the people who maintains it. The expenses do not end there, you have to think about upgrades and other necessities like real estate cost and electricity.

Now there comes the cloud and its 'always on' services. But before that, there is service that provide solutions. It is called SAAS or Software As A Service that started this concept. This solution provides the subscriber the software and runs it through their hardware. But it was limited in customization. It means the services will not perfectly fit the needs of the subscriber making it not cost efficient.

The cloud computing services on the other hand provides the same concept of solutions but offers more to it. It is more flexible to the needs of the enterprise. It manages a package of everything your application needs to operate and run it from any part of the globe. They use servers to share and use by many applications to run virtually. But every application are now can be customized depending on what the enterprise specifically needs.

Microsoft Azure in Singapore is the most used implementation of cloud computing. Since it is the most stable and trusted brand in computing. Microsoft over the years known for being user friendly, built its own cloud platform developer friendly by building on top of proven well known technologies. Windows Server, IIS, and .NET Framework just to name a few. With this kind of service, the subscriber can build infrastructure, develop modern applications, gain insights from data, and manage Identity and access.

Speak to us today to find out how your organization can benefit from using Microsoft Azure!

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