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The Rise of Cloud Computing

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The Cloud Computing Service with Assurance

A lot of companies and enterprises nowadays use accessibility and convenience to their advantage. A seamless and less downtime of computing are essential parts that help to achieve the main goal of having a continuous and consistent operations. The internet is highly utilized for real time transactions and basic computing operations in the wide network of the enterprise.

Rise Of Cloud Computing

Over the past decade, cloud computing became an essential solution for better coordination for geographically distributed users. It is an internet based service that helps increase efficiency, flexibility, and better collaboration because it can be accessed conveniently anytime, anywhere, and any place. All the enterprise’s applications are run by servers connected to the internet and all files are managed in it.

Possible Risks Involved with Cloud Computing

Out of all these advantages, it also has its share of possible risks and drawbacks. Security of the company’s highly classified documents could be well compromised because of the ease of access. All of it could be looked at anywhere, anytime, and any place however it will all depend on how good are their system security. Sometimes there are holes in their security that can be exploited so it shows It is not a perfect service. But that does not mean it cannot be improved.

There are prominent cloud services around Singapore that delivers good services quite well. They offer any enterprise all the advantages that a decent cloud service could give. However, what differentiates them from each other is the way they execute their services, handle security, and even how they go the extra mile.

A Well Known and Familiar Brand of Cloud Computing Service

In Singapore, Microsoft Azure is the most used and trusted brand of cloud computing service. It is well known for its better security and it is a very familiar brand that offers a very user-friendly computing experience. Microsoft is very notable with their effective and user-friendly word processing applications. They integrated that same familiar applications with their cloud computing services in a form of Microsoft Office 365. In Singapore, having these tools that are effective and secure assures better operations in a highly competitive and globally unpredictable world of business. Cloud computing is a very innovative way to get things done, but an enterprise should take a service that gives the utmost assurance.

Posted on 14th March 2019 by Debra.

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