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Communication With AC360

In the previous article we explored your team’s responsibility in the defence of your Emails, and we established that the ‘Human Firewall’ is the first – and most effective – form of defence that your systems have. But there are also technical measures that can help your team in this goal - introducing AC360 Shield.

In the modern world, communication is the most important element in running a successful business so it is with this in mind that we prepare our teams and systems for the worst. AC360 Shield offers both a way to educate your team and to prepare your systems with the technical means to defend itself.

Reduce Risk & Exposure

Having a strong email filter that scans every email before it is delivered to your mail service protects you and your users from email-born threats such as spams and malwares. AC360 Shield also blocks advanced attacks (such as phishing imposters) by using a combination of authentication techniques (like email header anomaly analysis, display name, and lookalike domain analyses).

One of the most enticing features of AC36 is that, as part of your subscription, we will train your users to be vigilant, turning them from potential victims to your most important line of defence with security awareness training and simulated attacks.

As we know, there is no way to guarantee that an attack won’t find its way through, but with AC360 the worst scenarios are covered.

Recover Quickly & Stay Compliant

When your data is corrupted, encrypted or deleted, either maliciously or accidentally, the ability to be able to quickly restore to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity is essential. You can ensure you stay compliant with email journal archiving and compliance tools such as eDiscovery, Legal Hold, Advanced Search, tamper-proof archive and much more.

Get in contact now and we will explore the AC360 Shield offering with you. With it you can feel confident - no matter the circumstances – that your business can stay functional with the vital data that you need safe and secure.

Communication with AC360

AsiaCloud Solutions provides high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective Managed IT services to help your organisation succeed with IT. We offer a combination of enterprise-grade technology along with a fast, scalable, personalised service. We provide world-class IT you can rely on at affordable prices, with our specialists supporting you with a proactive service from right here in Singapore. Contact us now and find out what we can do for you.

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