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IT Services: What Should You Expect?

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Your people can't work if your technology doesn't work. Downtime in technology reduces productivity and ultimately affects clients and your business.

The key is finding the right IT provider, be it a combination of internal and external resources or a fully outsourced solution.

Choosing the right IT partner means understanding what you need and what you should expect. What is a reasonable response time for you? Do you require a certain and type of experience? What does the right partner do to minimize downtime and risk, while maximizing cost-effectiveness?

The following are five things you should expect from your IT partner.

1. Timely Response & Resolution

While many IT companies promise a four-hour response time, this is not an industry standard.

That's too long. There is no business that can afford to lose a half day of productivity due to IT problems.

In order to quickly resolve or triage IT issues, they should be diagnosed within 15 minutes. Unless an outside technology vendor is involved, especially internet and phone service providers, most IT issues should be resolved within the hour from the initial diagnosis.

2. 360-degree IT Management

Look for an IT provider who can manage all of your technology, including but not limited to software vendor-related problems, saving you time. Having fewer IT vendors to deal with will allow you to focus on your business.

They should cut through the technical jargon and get you results.

3. Taking Ownership of your Data

You should not have to compromise your data ownership to receive reliable IT support. You own the data, and a trustworthy IT partner will respect and manage it accordingly. Otherwise, they aren't doing what is best for you.

Whether it's your IT company - or someone else - that hijacked your data, we have options for recovering it.

4. Ransomware Protection

Unfortunately, hijacking and holding your data for ransom will not be a matter of "if" but "when". Some businesses have had to pay $100,000+ to retrieve their data.

By combining online and offline backups, as well as various security measures, we can safeguard your data cost-effectively, taking your risk tolerance into consideration.

5. It's Time to Get Rid of Those Old Telephones

Even digital PBXs and analogue phone systems are expensive, offer poor quality, and place undue constraints on how your team communicates - especially in the days of COVID-19, when any people worked remotely.

VoIP offers added functionality and higher voice quality for a fraction of what you're paying now.

AsiaCloud - Your Trusted IT Partner

Using technology lets you focus on what you do best while getting more done. Many large "IT partners" make big promises and charge big fees for delivering them, but the actual service falls far short.

It is likely that you are paying too much for your technology, especially if it's old. You deserve a white glove service for what you are paying, and you may even be paying too much. We'll handle everything - warranties, renewals, unresponsive vendors - and keep your data protected from ransomware and hacking. Get in contact to find out more.

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